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As professionals excel in their chosen fields, they master their core expertise, building a solid foundation. However, true leadership and wisdom come from understanding how external factors and diverse domains intersect with their primary profession. Crisis Lab empowers senior professionals to branch out from their silos, integrating cross-disciplinary knowledge to navigate complex challenges and drive impactful solutions.

Take a break from repetition, and challenge your perspective. 

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At Crisis Lab, we prioritize knowledge over textbook theory. Our courses tackle global issues and use international perspectives to convey real-world experience rather than just theory. By choosing Crisis Lab, you will: 

  • Break the monotony of the same repetitive professional development training.¬†
  • Learn from your international peers via accredited courses.
  • Gain perspective and experience from senior professionals and international experts
  • Save¬†$2,230¬†from Early Access Bonuses
  • Achieve NATO Certification in Crisis Management and Disaster Response
  • And so much more below...

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What do our students say?

Our students range from public to private sector, and from major tech companies to government agencies. 


I strongly recommend this program--it teaches students a wide range of hard and soft skills that are applicable in a wide range of career goals: emergency management, humanitarian assistance, sustainable development, good governance, public policy and research, and many specialties within the military industrial complex.


The NATO CMDR course was valuable with the instructors doing a fine job with the students. Very interesting and captivating content which makes it wanting more. All assignments and their observations and comments by the instructors were top-notch.

KAAN LU, Turkey

The course was very interesting, challenging and rewarding overall.  I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies on CDRM field that will be beneficial to me in my professionally career. The course exceeded my expectations and it has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me.                        

Courses Offered in 2024

Crisis Lab is offering a total of 20 expertly crafted courses to support professionals like you. We deliver new topics every month, of every year, evolving and adapting to an increasingly complex world.

Resilience to Resistance:
Lessons from Ukraine

Explore resilience in security and defense.

VitńĀlijs RakstiŇÜŇ°
Defence Counsellor and Resilience Advisor
Ministry of Defence
Learn More
Crisis Leadership

Understanding the skills to strategically lead in crises.

Robert Fagan

Senior Emergency Manager & Exercise Planner, Global Eagle Consulting
Learn More
Systems Thinking
Emergency Management

Understand systems thinking in emergency management.

Carl "C.J." Unis
Unis Complexity Solutions
Learn More
Consequence Management Course - Dealing with the Aftermath

Analyze, prioritize, and manage the consequences from crisis.

Aaron Marks
One Thirty Nine Consulting

Learn More
Relocation and
Security Issues

Examine climate relocation, ensuring security preparedness.

Patrick Marchman, AICP, SCR
KM Sustainability

Learn More
Comparing Resilience
in Civil Preparedness

Explore EU and NATO perspectives on resilience in civil preparedness.

Rade Rajkovchevski
Head of the Secretariat,DPPI
South Eastern Europe

Learn More
Ethics in Crisis
and Disaster Management

Ethical dimensions of crisis and disaster risk management. 

Roman Tandlich
TIEMS Regional Director for Africa and
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Rhodes University
Coming in July


+12 New Courses in Development for 2024!

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All Crisis Lab courses are IACET standard compliant, which means you're not wasting time accumulating CEU's. Through Crisis Lab, you maintain your CEU requirements and your professional certification requirements all in one. From systems thinking in emergency management, to tackling misinformation, our courses bring unique and invaluable knowledge to professionals who require continuing education to meet annual requirements, but want to break the monotony of traditional professional development.

Interested in learning more? Get a glimpse inside Crisis Lab

Download a sample course catalogue to get a view inside Crisis Lab

By downloading the sample course catalogue, you agree to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and to receive email communications.


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Get immediate access to published courses, a guaranteed seat for our NATO Course, and huge savings overall! 
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Secured Seat in the NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response Course (CMDR)

This is our flagship course offering a NATO certification, delivered in cohort format twice a year - regularly priced at $850

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Access to the International Career Course - Designed to launch your international career.

Everything you need to help you find, start, and manage your international career - regularly priced at $497

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To Resilience AI*

Crisis Lab's knowledge management tool where you can use our knowledge base to your professional advantage!

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One-year access to all 20 courses in our platform - renewable yearly. Our courses are regularly priced at $79 each so lock in your costs with the early access annual membership and your CEU's will only get cheaper over time! 

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The NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response (CMDR) course is our flagship course delivered in partnership with the NATO CMDR Center of Excellence (COE) in Bulgaria. Earn your official NATO certificate with Crisis Lab, and deep dive into topics such as:

Fundamentals of Crisis Management and Response

Understand the CMDR field within an international context, notably its concepts, processes, and norms, and how these are manifested in NATO.

Crisis and Disaster Management in NATO

Explore NATO's Crisis Response Process and its complementary elements, as well as topics like civil preparedness, resilience, and climate change.

Roles and Partnerships in Disaster Response

Identify opportunities for inter-agency cooperation and explore the roles of civilian (e.g. the UN and EU) and military (e.g. NATO) actors in disaster response.

Our Mission

We aim to enhance your professional journey through a diverse range of engaging, practical, and specialized training opportunities. Our approach combines traditional education with the needs of modern society, promoting resilience at both individual and institutional levels.

Why Choose Crisis Lab?

Tackling Global Issues

We empower you to make a real impact when it counts. Our expertly crafted courses equip you with essential tools to navigate challenges with confidence, ensuring you thrive in the face of adversity.

Global Network and Perspectives

Built upon a growing crisis management community of professionals worldwide. Leverage international expertise and perspectives and enhance your understanding of modern crisis management, resilience, and complexities. 

Diverse Perspectives,
Top Experts

Learn from the best minds in crisis and emergency management. Our renowned instructors bring diverse backgrounds and innovative insights to the table, enabling you to tackle challenges with creativity and expertise.

Affordable &
Endless Learning

Unlock your potential without breaking the bank. Choose from flexible pricing options, starting with introductory courses and progressing to a treasure trove of diverse learning experiences with our flagship courses. 

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