NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response Course

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  • The NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response Course (CMDR) is delivered in partnership with the NATO Center of Excellence.¬†
  • IACET accredited and worth 5 CEU's.¬†
  • A¬†graduate level course in terms of materials and reading.¬†
  • A cohort based course,¬†delivered twice a year, in the Spring and Fall Session.
  • Course capstone is a Table Top Exercise (TTX) - No formal papers are required by students.
  • The NATO CMDR Course lasts a total of eight (8) weeks.¬†The course is designed to get progressively more intense.
  • The course is 100% online, and asynchronous so you can learn from anywhere at any time.¬†
  • We measure student progress through weekly participation, knowledge checks,¬†and the TTX.¬†Course materials include readings, videos, and more.
  • ¬†Students report that spending 60-90 minutes per day on the course is optimal.

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Engage globally. Act locally. 

Build your global perspective and widen your view of crisis and emergency management. Learn how NATO responds to international crises and conducts crisis response operations, while earning a certificate esteemed by organizations and governments alike. Attend the only NATO certification course online in the United States and open to the public.

We understand...

You have a passion to expand your knowledge and perspective. The desire to be a trusted voice in crisis management. You've been through challenging scenarios, but you still wonder if there's more to learn from other professionals, and other systems. Your desire to build a global perspective, and recognize there's more to your work than what is just on the surface. 

That's where the NATO CMDR Certification comes in, designed to be more than just another course.

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Don't just "check the box" with your professional development.

Challenge your thinking instead.

This course goes beyond traditional "management" of crisis and emergencies, and dives into diplomacy, national policy, and drives discussion on resource allocation and negotiation. Capacity Building International, through our platform Crisis Lab, brings the NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response (CMDR) course online in partnership with the NATO CMDR Center of Excellence (COE) in Bulgaria - an institution bearing a NATO-Approved status for meeting strict quality standards and criteria.


Understand the intricate details of how NATO responds to crises, learning from experts with decades of international experience and recognized by the Alliance itself.

Complex Scenario

Gain the skills to navigate complex situations, make informed choices, and build a solid foundation in global security and collaboration.

Unique Certification
for Civilians

Earn the sole CMDR certification for civilians in the US - a seal of excellence conveying your dedication to high standards in crisis management.


Lead with confidence, knowing that you've been through a program specifically designed to align with NATO's rigorous standards.


Be a testament to the depth of knowledge you’ve gained, and invite opportunities to lead critical efforts in crisis and disaster response.

Increased Profile
and Value

This new expertise won't just elevate your profile; it will make you an invaluable asset, sought after by organizations and governments alike.

Meet your instructors

With a collective 60+ years of international experience in international organizations to include NATO, United Nations (UN), and the Organization for Security Cooperation Europe (OSCE), and representing three (3) countries, we provide you with the insights to understand international crisis management and disaster response from a NATO perspective. Your instructors are complimented by lectures by NATO instructors from the NATO CMDR Center of Excellence located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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The NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response (CMDR) course is our flagship course delivered in partnership with the NATO CMDR Center of Excellence (COE) in Bulgaria. Earn your official NATO certificate with Crisis Lab, and delve deep into topics such as:

Fundamentals of Crisis Management and Response

Understand the CMDR field within an international context, notably its concepts, processes, and norms, and how these are manifested in NATO.

Crisis and Disaster Management in NATO

Explore NATO's Crisis Response Process and its complementary elements, as well as topics like civil preparedness, resilience, and climate change.

Roles and Partnerships in Disaster Response

Identify opportunities for inter-agency cooperation and explore the roles of civilian (e.g. the UN and EU) and military (e.g. NATO) actors in disaster response.

How do I enroll in the course?

You can enroll in the course by selecting one of the two options below - Regular (single) course purchase of $850 or the All Access Pass for $697 (All Courses)

Either way, you will have a secured seat in the course and receive the full benefits. The Spring Cohort will start on May 27, 2024. Once enrolled, you will receive a series of emails for more information about the course. You'll also be notified when the course opens and how you can join. The first week is an onboarding and introductory week, so you will have time to get up to speed as the course progresses. 

Hear what our students are saying

Our students range from public to private sector, and from major tech companies to government agencies. Here’s what they have to say:

LINH ANH COOK, United States

I strongly recommend this program--it teaches students a wide range of hard and soft skills that are applicable in a wide range of career goals: emergency management, humanitarian assistance, sustainable development, good governance, public policy and research, and many specialties within the military industrial complex.


The NATO CMDR course was valuable with the instructors doing a fine job with the students. Very interesting and captivating content which makes it wanting more. All assignments and their observations and comments by the instructors were top-notch.


KAAN LU, Turkey

The course was very interesting, challenging and rewarding overall.  I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies on CDRM field that will be beneficial to me in my professionally career. The course exceeded my expectations and it has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me.                                                                                                       

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NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response Course


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  • 100% Online Asynchronous Learning,¬†available 24/7 to fit your schedule
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  • Accredited Course worth 5 CEU's,¬†PLUS¬†official NATO Certification upon completion¬†
  • Graduate Level Learning¬†through weekly discussion forums, and an end of course Table Top Exercise (TTX)
  • Dedicated support¬†from your instructors throughout the eight (8) weeks of the course.
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