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Crisis Lab empowers senior professionals to branch out from their silos, integrating cross-disciplinary knowledge to navigate complex challenges and drive impactful solutions.

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What is Crisis Lab?

Crisis Lab is an innovative educational enterprise under Capacity Building International (CBI), dedicated to revolutionizing crisis management and resilience training.

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Expertise in NATO
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Leveraging three decades of experience to enhance understanding and solutions.

Online Platform

A dedicated space for academics and industry professionals to access resources.

High-Impact Educational Content

Forward-thinking materials designed for accessibility and real-world impact.

Our Podcast 

The Crisis Lab Podcast is a must-listen podcast for professionals navigating the complexities of crisis management, resilience, and other critical domains.

Each episode features expert conversations and real-world stories of resilience and success, illuminating the path to dynamic preparedness in an ever evolving landscape.

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Our Courses

Our courses, developed by leading industry professionals, cover a wide range of crisis management topics.

We offer over 20 introductory courses ranging from systems thinking to business continuity, and a flagship course that are all relevant, practical, and aligned with Continuing Education (CEU) requirements.

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In-Person ‘Labs’

Crisis Lab stands out for its innovative learning experience.

We integrate academic rigor with real-world scenarios, providing an immersive and applicable learning journey.

Our community resilience labs, starting with a pilot in Latvia, offer unique experiential learning opportunities that enhance practical skills in crisis management.

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Jul 05, 2024

Securing Stability: How Partnerships Drive Resilience

Jun 28, 2024

Be an Instructor

Share your knowledge, collaborate on innovative course development, and make a significant impact on our learners.

If you're a subject matter expert passionate about teaching and want to contribute to our dynamic learning community, learn how you can become part of our growing instructor cadre.

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