Climate-Induced Relocation and Security Issues with Patrick Marchman

Season #3

In this episode of the Crisis Lab Podcast, host Kyle King interviews Patrick Marchman, principal of K.M. Sustainability and an expert in climate adaptation, resilience, and hazard mitigation planning.

Kyle and Patrick discuss climate migration and managed retreat, from local to global perspectives. They explore the effects of climate-induced relocation and the complexity of responses from different government and community levels. They also highlight how climate change is not only an environmental issue but a humanitarian one as well.

Patrick Marchman, principal at KM Sustainability, has nearly two decades of expertise in climate adaptation. His background includes public-sector work with FEMA, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Army Reserve. Now in the private sector, he assists clients with climate risk assessments and adaptation planning. His work also involves international development and leading projects on climate-induced relocation.

Tune in as we examine the challenges of climate relocation and security preparedness

Show Highlights

[02:10] The complexity and acceleration of climate-induced migration, from local to international movements

[07:23] How climate change is influencing economic and insurance landscapes globally

[12:03] The challenges that arise from large-scale human movements caused by 'slow disasters’

[16:59] Complexities of managed retreats in the face of climate change

[28:48] How Marshall Islands face climate change challenges

[31:44] On finance, migrant integration, and global awareness as strategies for cities facing climate-induced relocations

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