Consequence Management: Dealing with the Aftermath with Aaron Marks

Season #3

In this episode of the Crisis Lab Podcast, host Kyle King interviews Aaron Marks, founder and principal of One Thirty Nine Consulting and an expert in consequence management, civil-military coordination, and crisis planning in emergency management.

Kyle and Aaron discuss the concept of 'consequences' in crisis scenarios, exploring their inherent nature, impacts, and role in decision-making. They also delve into factors that determine consequence severity and the importance of prioritization. Finally, they touch on various mitigation strategies for crisis management, aiming to provide practical strategies for managing consequences.

Aaron Marks is a Civil Expert for NATO's Civil Emergency Planning Committee and has also developed programs for government and private sector clients focused on consequence management and crisis planning following incidents involving weapons of mass destruction or toxic industrial materials. Previously a Paramedic, Aaron specialized in hazardous environment care and tactical medicine, responding to multiple large-scale incidents and disasters. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and a master’s in Public Administration with a focus in Emergency Management.

Tune in as we delve deep into managing consequences, providing practical strategies and insights for navigating crisis scenarios.

Show Highlights

[02:55] Aaron Marks reflects on care vs. consequences in emergency response

[07:12] Unintended consequences of humanitarian aid and crisis management complexities

[12:36] How consequence management in crisis response anticipates and mitigates future risks

[23:10] Balancing hard and soft sciences in evolving consequence management

[29:33] Why sharing data matters in managing consequences

[34:04] The unexpected lesson Aaron discovered in decision outcomes and effective management

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