Strategic Crisis Leadership with Robert Fagan

Season #3

In this episode of Crisis Lab Podcast, host Kyle King interviews Mr. Robert Fagan, a retired Colonel from the U.S. Army and an expert in public health, emergency preparedness, and disaster response.

They dissect the intricate differences between leadership and crisis leadership emphasizing the essential knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for effective crisis leadership. They also explore the importance of crisis leadership in the face of disruptions to normal operations, and Mr. Fagan's experiences with crisis leadership in various contexts, from the military field to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

Mr. Robert Fagan is currently a Senior Emergency Manager and Exercise Planner at Global Eagle Consulting. In addition to his 30 years in combat, he worked on several contingency deployments in various positions during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. Mr. Fagan holds multiple master's degrees, certifications as a Certified Emergency Manager, and has graduated from high-level crisis management programs at Harvard, Yale, and NATO.

Tune in as we explore leadership in times of crisis.

Show Highlights

[02:08] The evolution of leadership to meta-leadership
[06:12] How crisis leadership differs from general leadership principles
[10:54] The significance of adaptability and inclusivity in leadership, especially in multicultural and disaster response scenarios
[16:56] Why humility and continuous learning drive effective leadership and response strategies
[21:05] The necessity of individual and community in the face of growing global threats
[28:30] Why Rob stresses proactive planning for mitigation, prevention, preparedness, and protection in effective crisis leadership.

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