Resilience to Resistance: Lessons from Ukraine with Vitālijs Rakstiņš

Season #3

In this episode of Crisis Lab Podcast, host Kyle King sits down with Mr. Vitālijs Rakstiņš to explore the complex concept of resilience, with a special emphasis on security and defense, and a particular focus on the Russo-Ukrainian War. The conversation aims to deepen the understanding of resilience and its role in anticipating, preventing, dealing with, and recovering from security threats and challenges.

Mr. Vitālijs Rakstiņš, a seasoned security expert with an 18-year career in the Latvian government and NATO, is now an academic, author, and educator. He focuses on security, resilience, and media literacy, having authored books like "Diaries of the Information War" and "Resistance Handbook." Additionally, he has developed educational initiatives such as the "Debunk NATO" media literacy game.

Tune in as Kyle and Vitālijs discuss resilience in the context of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, touching on different aspects of resilience, including cyber and societal resilience.

[02:50] Unpacking the dynamic nature of resilience

[10:29] International and national efforts for a resilient society

[23:32] The need for a cultural shift in cooperation among private companies

[27:16] Mr. Rakstins on the importance of community resilience during crises

[37:22] On defense nations, civilian support, and nonviolent resistance

[41:58] Challenges and developments in resistance

[46:11] Future developments and challenges in the field of resilience

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