Reflections and Lessons Learned in 2023 with Kyle King

Season #2

In this episode of the Crisis Conflict Emergency Management podcast, host Kyle King reflects on the lessons learned in 2023 and the future of crisis and emergency management. Join us as we delve into the evolving landscape of crisis and emergency management, exploring the complexities of collaborative approaches, the potential of technological advancements, and the exciting launch of Crisis Lab.

Learn how Crisis Lab is revolutionizing professional development in the field, providing a hub for interdisciplinary learning experiences and empowering professionals to navigate the challenges of managing crises and emergencies in an increasingly interconnected world.

Tune in as we revisit the highlights of 2023 and explore the future of crisis and emergency management

Show Highlights

[01:17] 2023 Reflections: Crisis insights unveiled

[18:13] The dynamic future of crisis and emergency management

[20:23] How Crisis Lab will revolutionize crisis management education