Optimizing Crisis Management in Complex Organizations with Brendan Monahan

Season #2

In this episode of the Crisis Conflict Emergency Management podcast, host Kyle King interviews Brendan Monahan, the Head of US Resilience and Business Continuity Program for a major global pharmaceutical company. Together, they discuss crisis management and complex organizations, delving into the intricacies of building meaningful capabilities in your organization.

Brendan Monahan, a security intelligence and crisis professional with nearly 20 years of experience, has led major US companies through significant crisis responses. Currently directing crisis, resilience, and business continuity programs for a global pharmaceutical company, Brendan, also the Chair of the ASIS Crisis Management and Business Continuity Community, draws from his extensive expertise in his recently published book, "Strategic Corporate Crisis Management: Building an Unconquerable Organization," released in 2022.

Tune in as they explore strategies, lessons learned, and best practices for fostering a robust crisis management framework in today's ever-evolving business environment.

Show Highlights

[01:52] Brendan’s experience in securing critical infrastructures and ensuring pharmaceutical continuity

[03:55] How organizations can transition from plan dependency to meaningful capabilities.

[06:44] How businesses break free from planned dependency

[11:21] Private vs. public challenges in profit-driven organizations

[13:14] On building ‘unconquerable’ organizations with decisive actions

[16:04] Understanding escalation and global interconnection in organizations

[19:06] Understanding nuances across businesses, stressing resilient decentralized decisions

[28:22] How private sectors determine the necessity of a crisis team

[32:06] The importance of human touch amidst tech evolution and info flow

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