Leading in Crisis Amid High-Threat Decisions with Dr. Stuart Meyers

Season #2

In this episode of the Crisis Conflict Emergency Management podcast, host Kyle King interviews Dr. Stuart Meyers, the CEO of Operations Tactics International and an expert in SWAT operations and incident command. They share insights into effective leadership strategies, decision-making models for high-stakes situations, and the psychological aspects of crisis response.

Dr. Stuart Meyers is a seasoned SWAT expert, author, and educator. With an Ed.D. from Columbia and an M.A. from Harvard, he's been the Director of SWAT Operations in Abu Dhabi and Program Director at Louisiana State University, Eunice. Tune in for expert insights on high-stakes leadership, decision-making, and the psychology of crisis response.

Show Highlights

[01:16] How Dr. Meyers transitioned from law enforcement to crisis leadership

[06:44] On global practices versus US standards

[09:49] Impact of research insights and decision frameworks in the U.S.

[14:00] Global perspectives on decision-making in high-threat scenarios

[18:57] Weighing in conscious vs non-conscious choices during high-stakes decision-making

[28:04] On prioritizing predictive analytics versus over gut-reactions

[32:09] Blending adaptive leadership with situational viewership in questioning culture

[38:28] How decision-making frameworks adapt to complex, multiple threats

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