Mass Migration: The Next Meta-Crisis with Chief Jorge Rodriguez

Season #2

In this episode of the Crisis. Conflict. Emergency Management. podcast, host Kyle King interviews Chief Jorge Rodriguez, the Emergency Management Coordinator for El Paso City-County Office. They discuss the complexities of mass migration, its impact on emergency services, and unique challenges it presents. Chief Jorge Rodriguez, with extensive crisis management experience, shares insights into El Paso's dynamic landscape, providing a comprehensive view of emergency management in the context of mass migration.

Join Kyle and Jorge as they explore this evolving field, emphasizing the critical role of communication, adaptation, and preparedness.

Show Highlights

[02:18] How Jorge started in emergency management

[04:57] The challenges associated with managing mass population movements in emergency situations

[25:53] The systemic effects of rapid population explosion in Jorge’s community

[29:19] Which public communication methods Jorge used after the terrorist incident

[31:40] Jorge's outlook for the coming years and the path ahead for community emergency managers

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